Discover student life and the city of Utrecht
Annaflavia (20) Glob. Sustain. Science
Anne Roos (22) Educational Sciences
Anouk (21) English Language and Culture
Berne (25) Media and culture
Derin (24) Media and culture
Dione (19) English Language and Culture
Jamal (23) Medicine
Kees (21) (Business) Economics
Kimberly (22) (Business) Economics
Maya (22) Spanish Language and Culture
Mik (23) Public Administration and Organisation Science
Milan (21) Media and culture
Natalia (22) Phil, Pol. & Economics
Rina (21) German Language and Culture
Sanne (24) Aardwetenschappen
Stephan (25) Veterinary Medicine
Studentlife Team Jerome & Luiza
Wiktoria (23) Applied Data Science