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Daphne ’s favourites

Shopping centre Hoog Catharijne
Whenever I need something, I visit Hoog Catharijne because with the wide selection of shops there, I always find what I'm looking for.

Teds Utrecht Oudegracht
Teds is a cozy restaurant where you can have breakfast, lunch, and enjoy a high tea. When the weather is nice, you can sit here by the Oudegracht.

Koningsberger building
The KBG is connected to both the BBG and the Minnaert building, where many classes take place. There's also a SPAR for small purchases.

Exams are held in the Educatorium, which is why I you can find me there every block. By ordering food together, we always wrap it up in a friendly and enjoyable way.

Together with my group of friends, I have the tradition of having a barbecue every spring/summer in Griftpark, where we can sit by the water and enjoy ourselves.