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UU Career Services
“Career services have helped many students arranging their internships and improving their job applications.”

  • By Studentlife Team + 1

Unibuddy Chat Platform
“Unibuddy Chat Platform is a perfect opportunity for prospective students to meet new people and ask them about student life in Utrecht.”

  • By Studentlife Team + 1

Law Faculty Building
“Nice pub on De Neude, always nice for a drink.”

  • By Kees
Law Econ Gov

Langeveld building
“A lot of students feel sentimental about this building, since this is where a lot of their courses took place. Also, if you enjoy studying in the fresh air, you should definitely look for a spot in front of Langeveldgebouw.”

  • By Studentlife Team
Social Sciences

Leonard S. Ornstein Laboratory
“The Ornstein Laboratory is known for its good atmosphere and exciting research taking place behind its walls.”

  • By Studentlife Team

University Library Science Park
“The library is one of my favorite places to be at the campus, especially when on an exam period. I really enjoy the silence it offers. ”

  • By Sanne + 2

UU for U Student Service
“Great help for all your study related questions!”

  • By Mik + 1

Student residences De Sterren
“It is home to a lot of students where they find friendships for life. Having nice community around you, at Wooncomplex you will never feel lonely.”

  • By Studentlife Team

Ruppert building
“I frequently have classes in this building. It is wonderful to walk around its hall, especially because of the gigantic flower vases.”

  • By Annaflavia + 2

Spinoza Hall
“This location is where I connected with most of my friends and made most of my friends during or in between tutorials.”

  • By Kimberly
Law Econ Gov

University Library City Centre
“The city centre library is known for its beautiful design. It also offers great coffee which is perfect for an enjoyable study break with your friends.”

  • By Studentlife Team + 2

Androclus building
“Every time I come here, I always marvel. There is so much to see and learn here!”

  • By Stephan
Veterinary & Science

Koningsberger building
“Being home to three faculties, Koningsbergergebouw offers a lot of study spaces, including rooms for group work.”

  • By Studentlife Team
Geosciences & Science

Hijmans building
“With online lectures, the days when we have physical classes always feel like the school field trips of the yore.”

  • By Jamal

Karibu Café
“Fun fact: Karibu Cafe is located in a former bank. Despite its official exterior of the building, you will fall in love with its cozy and green interior.”

  • By Studentlife Team + 1
Green Oasis

David de Wied building
“This faculty building is worth visiting due to its spacious and creative interior, with large windows and internal balconies.”

  • By Studentlife Team

Buys Ballot building
“Despite being one of the oldest buildings in science park, students really enjoy studying here and working on group assignments.”

  • By Studentlife Team