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Unibuddy Chat Platform
“I am a Unibuddy myself and I enjoy giving advice on my studies and having a friendly chat.”

  • By Stephan + 1

Law Faculty Building
“Nice pub on De Neude, always nice for a drink.”

  • By Kees
Law Econ Gov

Langeveld building
“It is one of the first buildings that I visited at Utrecht University. The majority of my courses take place in this building.”

  • By Evanthia + 1
Social Sciences

Leonard S. Ornstein Laboratory
“What I like about the laboratory is the good atmosphere, and the interesting research that is performed there.”

  • By Mike

University Library Science Park
“There are a lot of study spaces in this library, the Spar supermarket is around the corner for a nice study break”

  • By Vera + 2

UU for U Student Service
“Great help for all your study related questions!”

  • By Manouk + 1

Student residences De Sterren
“I live in this place! Thanks to my nice housemates, I will love this place for the rest of my life. I never feel alone here. This is where I met my best friend and also my partner!”

  • By Natasha

Ruppert building
“I frequently have classes in this building. It is wonderful to walk around its hall, especially because of the gigantic flower vases.”

  • By Annaflavia + 2

Spinoza Hall
“This location is where I connected with most of my friends and made most of my friends during or in between tutorials.”

  • By Kimberly
Law Econ Gov

University Library City Centre
“Personally, I find the library a very nice, quiet place to study. The large windows let in a lot of natural light. There is an adjoining café, so besides all the studying you can also take a coffee break with your friends. I especially recommend the cappuccinos!”

  • By Natasha + 2

UU Career Services
“They have really helped me upgrade my job/internship application and gave great interview tips.”

  • By Mik + 1

Androclus building
“Every time I come here, I always marvel. There is so much to see and learn here!”

  • By Stephan
Veterinary & Science

Koningsberger building
“I spent many hours here in the beautiful labs and meeting friends at my study association”

  • By Mike + 1
Geosciences & Science

Hijmans building
“With online lectures, the days when we have physical classes always feel like the school field trips of the yore.”

  • By Jamal

Karibu Café
“It's an excellent location both for studying and spending time & chilling with friends. Plus, as the Karibu keeps reminding, the food is "110% natural". My personal favorite is shakshuka.”

  • By Mariam + 1
Green Oasis

David de Wied building
“I used to come her daily during my Bachelor thesis. Up on the 4th floor I would tiny catalyst particles made of silver. The building has a very open feel due to its large glass windows, and internal balconies from which you can observe each individual floors.”

  • By Mike

Buys Ballot building
“I often used studyplaces here to work on group assignments”

  • By Mike + 1