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Some nice student associations of our students; for activities and drinks.

Study Associations
Some nice student associations of our students; for activities and drinks. VIEW ALL

Instituto Cervantes
“In this place I can practice my Spanish and have access to much more material than in other libraries.”

  • By Anouk

Drift 13 - Herman
“As a board member of the study association of German language and culture, our association room cannot be missed! From study sessions to socializing during pizza hours: everything is possible.”

  • By Rina

“I think the great thing about UMTC is that everyone knows each other, since it is so small-scale.”

  • By Rina

USBO building UU
“In the building of Public Administration and Organization Science there is a pleasant atmosphere where everyone knows each other and as a student you quickly feel at home.”

  • By Mik

PIL Social Committee
“The PIL Social Committee did a great job in helping students during the coronavirus pandemic. They organized a variety of activities, including Zumba Party!”

  • By Studentlife Team
Law Econ Gov

Utrecht Biologist Association
“There is always a friendly atmosphere in the UBV room (Koningsberger building). Students come here for a free coffee and board games.”

  • By Studentlife Team

U.S.S. Proton
“This study association is known for its variety of committees and frequent activities like borrels, parties, and trips.”

  • By Studentlife Team

The AKT Office
“A super nice place, where I feel like Mario Kart or Just Dance is played 24/7. So to spend a few free hours competitively in the AKT office where you need to be”

  • By Milan + 1

The association room of U.A.V
“I come here between my lectures, for example to have a cup of coffee or to have a beer with my friends after 5 pm.”

  • By Sanne

“As a student at the Faculty of Humanities, you can regularly find me in the SVO bar. It is a nice place to study and in the evening when the bar opens for activities, it turns into a cozy meeting place.”

  • By Berne

Association room Pericles
“Come to the association room quickly after your lecture, because otherwise you will stand in line for coffee for a long time. ”

  • By Mik

Kromme nieuwe gracht 80
“In the canteen in the building it's always fun to chatting or working hard to meet a deadline.”

  • By Dione + 1
Open stage

Drift 23
“A characteristic building with a lot of secret places.”

  • By Berne

Studio M
“Our gorgeous temple! Or at least a meeting place for everyone! Not only home for Studio M but also the location for other student associations like AKT! ”

  • By Derin + 1