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Some nice student associations of our students; for activities and drinks.

Study Associations
Some nice student associations of our students; for activities and drinks. VIEW ALL

The association room of U.A.V
“I come here between my lectures, for example to have a cup of coffee or to have a beer with my friends after 5 pm.”

  • By Sanne

Association room Pericles
“Come to the association room quickly after your lecture, because otherwise you will stand in line for coffee for a long time. ”

  • By Mik

Studio M
“Our gorgeous temple! Or at least a meeting place for everyone! Not only home for Studio M but also the location for other student associations like AKT! ”

  • By Derin + 1

The AKT Office
“A super nice place, where I feel like Mario Kart or Just Dance is played 24/7. So to spend a few free hours competitively in the AKT office where you need to be”

  • By Milan + 1

USBO building UU
“In the building of Public Administration and Organization Science there is a pleasant atmosphere where everyone knows each other and as a student you quickly feel at home.”

  • By Mik

Kromme nieuwe gracht 80
“In addition to the fun lectures I followed here, I recorded an open stage for my study association with the help of Studio M.”

  • By Milan
Open stage

Drift 23
“A characteristic building with a lot of secret places.”

  • By Berne

“As a student at the Faculty of Humanities, you can regularly find me in the SVO bar. It is a nice place to study and in the evening when the bar opens for activities, it turns into a cozy meeting place.”

  • By Berne

PIL Social Committee
“I especially liked coming up with new ideas to improve the situation of students in those challenging "corona" times. One of the activities organized by me was the Zumba Party to push away negativity and burn some extra calories.”

  • By Mariam
Law Econ Gov

Utrecht Biologist Association
“Since I was a bachelor student I have been a member of this very big group of friends. You can always get a free coffee in the UBV room (KBG building), play board games and hang out with fellow students.”

  • By Vera

U.S.S. Proton
“Like most chemistry students, I joined Proton immediately at the start of the Bachelor. During my studies I have joined 4 different committees and helped organize many activities, both recreational and educational. I have also enjoyed many activities organized by other committees, like borrels, parties, and trips/camps.”

  • By Mike