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An overview of all favourite shops from our students.

Other shops
An overview of all favourite shops from our students. VIEW ALL

Gift shop Waar Utrecht
WAAR offers multiple sustainable alternatives, that are otherwise hard to find in typical shops and supermarkets

Queen Piercing
Check this out and make your piercing appointment

Green Up
Visit the biggest department store with sustainable products!

Craving red velvet cake? Visit Bakkerswinkel

Gardening centre Intratuin
A great plant shop with lots to offer!

Shop Zuivelhoeve Utrecht
Zuivelhoeve is a famous shop selling mainly Dutch traditional cheese.

Typical Dutch

Things I Like Things I Love
re in Utrecht where unique outfits await!

Plant store Rood en Bloem
A cute little shop full of plants and everything you would need to take care of them

Bookstore Bijleveld
This monumental book store in the heart of the city provides beautiful books not only for Dutch but also international students.