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An overview of all favourite shops from our students.

Other shops
An overview of all favourite shops from our students. VIEW ALL

“Since I live on my own, I like to try out new recipes. I like to get lost here among all the tasty herbs.”

  • By Rina

Kilo Kilo Store
“This store makes vintage shopping a lot easier and less tiring. I always like to score good deals, but I find it very tiring to visit many different small shops. This is the perfect solution.”

  • By Anne Roos

Queen Piercing
“Thanks to this piercing shop I have a super nice nose piercing!”

  • By Anouk

“De Netto simply sells A-brands and is still super cheap, much cheaper than the AH or the Jumbo. It is also within cycling distance of the center, so ideal for a student who lives away from home!”

  • By Maya

“The cake here is very tasty, the red velvet is one of my favorites.”

  • By Anouk

“It is an atmospheric place, where it always smells delicious of freshly baked food. It feels like you are going to visit your mother or grandmother again, for some tea and something sweet.”

  • By Anne Roos

Leidsche Rijn centrum
“Every once in a while I grab my bike and cycle to Leidsche Rijn Centrum. It always feels like I'm in another world for a while. And of course I always grab the Jumbo Foodmarket before I go back.”

  • By Berne

“I always have a great time here with the staff and enjoy the music to the fullest. Moreover, the records that are being played at that moment are on the counter.”

  • By Milan

Green Up
“This store is an oasis in the city and I like to come here for a drink or to find a nice gift”

  • By Sanne

Dille & Kamille
“Ranging from plants to kitchen gift and kids’t toys, at Dille and Kamille everyone will find something for themselves. Additionally, all their items are natural and plastic-free!”

  • By Studentlife Team

Garden Center Steck
“I like to come here to look for plants, but also to visit the garden cafe, Noordertuin.”

  • By Sanne

Gift shop Waar Utrecht
“WAAR offers multiple sustainable alternatives, that are otherwise hard to find in typical shops and supermarkets”

  • By Annaflavia

Shop Zuivelhoeve Utrecht
“Cheese fans will fall in love with this place for the variety of its options.”

  • By Studentlife Team
Typical Dutch

Shopping centre Hoog Catharijne
“Ever since I was young, every time I visit the city centre, I always make a tour through the mediamarkt. Window shopping, I can enjoy that.”

  • By Jamal + 2

Board games shop Subcultures
“Are you in need of a new board game? Subcultures has something for you!”

  • By Studentlife Team

Vintage store Episode
“I can spend hours upon hours in this thrift shop and I always find something nice.”

  • By Kimberly + 1
Vintage clothing

Liquor store Wine & Whisky
“To get through the pandemic, I am expanding my wine knowledge. The occasional delicious wine tasting is a wonderful way to spend one's free time.”

  • By Kees

Gardening centre Intratuin
“It’s not possible to leave this place without buying a plant!”

  • By Studentlife Team

Canal Oudegracht
“I love coming here with my friends sometimes, just to sit by the canal and enjoy the view.”

  • By Natalia + 1

Plant store Rood en Bloem
“Apart from a beautiful collection of plants and flowers, everyone appreciates their friendly and helpful service!”

  • By Studentlife Team

Book shop Broese
“International students love visiting Broese due to its large collection of English books. It’s the biggest bookstore in Utrecht which also contains a coffee shop where you can enjoy your reading with a cup of coffee. ”

  • By Studentlife Team + 2

“Although I first ridiculed a friend of mine for her amount of plants, I now have eleven in my room…”

  • By Milan

Bookstore Bijleveld
“You can’t miss this charming bookstore at Janskerkhof! International students will also love their rich collection of books in English.”

  • By Studentlife Team