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Food for every budget. Our students know where you can eat well.

Food for every budget. Our students know where you can eat well. VIEW ALL

Comptoir Libanais
“I wasn't sure what to expect, but the food here pleasantly surprised me!”

  • By Anouk

De zakkendrager
“With the beautiful courtyard garden and delicious food, I come here like for lunch, dinner or drinks with friends.”

  • By Dione

“Vegitalian is the perfect place to spend an evening with a group of friends surrounded by good food, everyone can find something on the menu that is tasty, and they have fantastic desserts”

  • By Anne Roos

Ping pong club
“To be honest, I've only been there once, just before all the catering industry closed again, but it was certainly worth repeating.”

  • By Milan

Louis Hartlooper Complex
“Louis Hartlooper is a must-see for art cinema lovers!”

  • By Studentlife Team + 1
Art house

Poke Perfect
“In addition to delicious bowls with sashimi, Poke Perfect also has vegetarian options, that's a big plus for me!”

  • By Dione

“I love how luxurious this restaurant feels, the cosiness of the beautifully decorated wharf cellars always amazes me!”

  • By Anouk

Los Amigos
“I am a fan of tapas restaurants, because you can share snacks together and at the same time you do not have the stress of choosing just one dish.”

  • By Rina

De Rechtbank
“I have been to De Rechtbank several times in the past year, both for dinner and drinks. I love it here every time had my way.”

  • By Dione

“Everything is just fine and the vibe is nice. Lunch, food, drinks, snacks, everything is nice. Ideal place to sit down between lectures”

  • By Maya
Live Music

Cafe Orloff
“I used to have dance lessons at the Dom as a girl, then I went to Orloff for a sandwich with my father. That's really kind of core memory for me. So now I still come here often! The sandwiches with croquettes, humus and tuna salad are recommended. And of course the toasties”

  • By Maya

Spaghetteria Korte Koestraat
“You can wake me up for pasta from the Spaghetteria!”

  • By Anouk

“Tip, instead of a normal pizza, go for the unique pizza breads.”

  • By Mik

Restaurant Se7en
“It is a unique concept, with delicious food and in a cozy restaurant.”

  • By Anne Roos

Cafe de Beuntjes
“They are making pretty nice craft beer by their own. I would highly recommend that! Also the location is close by the University Library City Centre and it is generally cosy place for hanging out!”

  • By Derin

Café de Poort
“Ever since I started my bachelor's degree, Public Administration and Organizational Science and café De Poort have been inextricably linked. Between lectures I like to drink a cup of coffee with friends on the sun-drenched terrace on the Ledig Erf. At the end of a long day of lectures and tutorials, this is also the perfect place to have a drink or eat well.”

  • By Mik

Restaurant UNO
“This restaurant offers many different snacks. A very nice place to go out for dinner!”

  • By Berne + 1

Municipal Theatre (Stadsschouwburg)
“You don’t need to call yourself a theatre fan to enjoy the events at Stadsschowburg. It has everything from dance, comedy to opera!”

  • By Studentlife Team + 1

Restaurant LE:EN
“This is a wonderful restaurant to have dinner with friends and to taste all the snacks by sharing them. I can also recommend the cocktails!”

  • By Sanne

Shopping centre Hoog Catharijne
“Ever since I was young, every time I visit the city centre, I always make a tour through the mediamarkt. Window shopping, I can enjoy that.”

  • By Jamal + 2

Café restaurant Winkel van Sinkel
“This is one of those places that feel so vibrant and alive.”

  • By Kimberly + 1

Restaurant Rum Club
“The interior and menu make you feel like you are at the beach and not rainy Utrecht, plus the waitresses and waiters are super friendly.”

  • By Natalia + 1

Restaurant Vapiano
“If you don't know where you will make a reservation to eat out, Vapiano Hoog Catharijne is always a good choice! They have friendly service and the food is always good.”

  • By Stephan + 1

Tea room Rhijnauwen
“Theehuis Rhijnauwen is a charming restaurant in Bunnik and ideal spot for a cup of tea and a piece of cake. Surrounded by nature, it stands out for its unique atmosphere.”

  • By Studentlife Team + 1

Greek restaurant Taverna
“I always like to come here for dinner with friends to chat and enjoy the food and the Greek atmosphere.”

  • By Stephan

Anan Saigon Streetfood
“If you are there you must try the Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk. ”

  • By Wiktoria + 1

Sports centre Olympos
“Throughout September you can purchase an amazing student deal which is way cheaper than the standard fee. ”

  • By Wiktoria

Mick O'Connells
“With this pub it looks like you are in Ireland. A nice place to have a drink with people!”

  • By Berne + 1

Karibu Café
“Karibu café is one of my favorite places for brunch in Utrecht. I would highly recommend the “eggs benny"”

  • By Kimberly + 1
Green Oasis

Japanese dining Kounosuke
“They offer an authentic Japanese cuisine - it also includes vegan options!”

  • By Studentlife Team

De Neude square
“Square De Neude is a meeting place for me and my friends, as it is located in the city centre.”

  • By Berne + 2
Many cafés