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Our students will give you the best recommendations for the surrounding suburbs.

Around Utrecht
Our students will give you the best recommendations for the surrounding suburbs. VIEW ALL

Park Het Gagelbos
“During all the lockdowns I could be found here a lot to rollerblade or walk. Nice and close to home, but not in the city.”

  • By Sanne

Swimmingpool Den Hommel
“I try to swim laps for about half an hour every week, because swimming is very good for your whole body. This way I can always start the day well.”

  • By Berne

Garden Center Steck
“I like to come here to look for plants, but also to visit the garden cafe, Noordertuin.”

  • By Sanne

Student residences De Sterren
“I live in this place! Thanks to my nice housemates, I will love this place for the rest of my life. I never feel alone here. This is where I met my best friend and also my partner!”

  • By Natasha

Castle De Haar
“This castle is quite an experience, you will step back in time.”

  • By Berne + 1

Tea room Rhijnauwen
“I love to walk around here and this teahouse is a super nice stopping point for a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. The surrounding woods are very beautiful. On a sunny day the teahouse is full of students and families who go for a walk.”

  • By Vera + 1

Boulder hall Energiehaven
“I started bouldering around the time that I started my Masters program and absolutely fell in love with it. Energiehaven sets a very high standard for boulder gyms. The routes are changed frequently and are often very creative. The hall is large and there's even an outdoor wall.”

  • By Mike + 1

Gardening centre Intratuin
“I never walk out of this shop without having bought at least 1 plant.”

  • By Manouk

Ohøj coffee roasting
“This cafe is very close walk from my house and it has great coffee!”

  • By Kimberly + 1

Leidsche Rijn centrum
“Every once in a while I grab my bike and cycle to Leidsche Rijn Centrum. It always feels like I'm in another world for a while. And of course I always grab the Jumbo Foodmarket before I go back.”

  • By Berne

Cinema Pathé Leidsche Rijn
“Famously known for their rooftop cinema which is a bit pricey, but a really great experience”

  • By Kimberly + 2
Rooftop cinema

Nature Reserve Amelisweerd
“After a long walk through Amelisweerd, I feel refreshed and re-energized. Being in the midst of such rich flora and fauna is a unique feeling.”

  • By Annaflavia + 1

Juliana Park
“I can't believe I only went here recently. This is such a nice place to visit if you want to see some animals, but don't feel like paying money or traveling to another city. It's also a great place to drop by if they ran out of chicken at your supermarket :)”

  • By Mike + 1

Maxima Park
“Máximapark is where the green meets the modern. It is a lovely place to go for a walk and let go of the daily stressors.”

  • By Berne + 1

Beach Oog in Al (SOIA)
“Nice grass area to sit along the big canal that is perfect for sunny days ”

  • By Berne + 1
Urban beach

Fortress bij Rijnauwen
“I love to take a walk in the countryside and enjoy the beautiful weather.”

  • By Stephan + 1

Park Bloeyendael
“I find it a very nice place for walking and playing my ukulele. The park is right next to my house and I can get there easily. From this park, you can go in many directions and if you do it right, you'll find yourself in the centre of Utrecht!”

  • By Natasha