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The city of Utrecht has a lot to offer; bars, restaurants, many shopping options and 3 campuses.

City of Utrecht
The city of Utrecht has a lot to offer; bars, restaurants, many shopping options and 3 campuses. VIEW ALL

Ping pong club
“To be honest, I've only been there once, just before all the catering industry closed again, but it was certainly worth repeating.”

  • By Milan

Cafe West
“You can find me at West almost every Monday or Tuesday, because then all bottled specialty beer is only €4. If you don't, you're a thief of your wallet anyway. As someone with eternal choice stress, I am also a real fan of the half dishes. The more food the better”

  • By Maya

The munt
“Ever since I was a kid, I've been coming to La Monnaie in the summer. You're just outside the center, but right in the hustle and bustle. Swimming, relaxing, skating: everything is possible ”

  • By Maya

Cafe de Beuntjes
“They are making pretty nice craft beer by their own. I would highly recommend that! Also the location is close by the University Library City Centre and it is generally cosy place for hanging out!”

  • By Derin

Restaurant LE:EN
“This is a wonderful restaurant to have dinner with friends and to taste all the snacks by sharing them. I can also recommend the cocktails!”

  • By Sanne

Kinepolis Jaarbeurs
“As a cinephile, I could not ignore this location! You could watch different films from Hollywood auteurs (not Marvel and Spiderman) to European directors in this awesome place! ”

  • By Derin

“Grab some tasty snacks and drinks from the supermarket before you arrive, and you'll be fine for the entire evening.”

  • By Mik

Liquor store Wine & Whisky
“To get through the pandemic, I am expanding my wine knowledge. The occasional delicious wine tasting is a wonderful way to spend one's free time.”

  • By Kees

“Griftpark has so much to offer, from a basketball court to skate park and a “city petting zoo”!”

  • By Studentlife Team + 1

Café Noen
“Whenever you feel like you need a break from studying or crave ‘real’ coffee, Noen is the place to be.”

  • By Natalia + 1

Gardening centre Intratuin
“It’s not possible to leave this place without buying a plant!”

  • By Studentlife Team

Ohøj coffee roasting
“This cafe is very close walk from my house and it has great coffee!”

  • By Kimberly + 1

“I have a soft spot for this place since a lot of social events took place there during my first year of studying in Utrecht. ”

  • By Wiktoria + 2

Karibu Café
“Fun fact: Karibu Cafe is located in a former bank. Despite its official exterior of the building, you will fall in love with its cozy and green interior.”

  • By Studentlife Team + 1
Green Oasis

Japanese dining Kounosuke
“They offer an authentic Japanese cuisine - it also includes vegan options!”

  • By Studentlife Team