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Local pubs and hip bars, our students know the best places for a night out.

Local pubs and hip bars, our students know the best places for a night out. VIEW ALL

Kafé België
“Can't choose from the large amount of beers on the menu? Be sure to ask for a recommendation from the staff behind the bar!”

  • By Mik

Cafe de Beuntjes
“They are making pretty nice craft beer by their own. I would highly recommend that! Also the location is close by the University Library City Centre and it is generally cosy place for hanging out!”

  • By Derin

Café restaurant Winkel van Sinkel
“This is one of those places that feel so vibrant and alive.”

  • By Kimberly + 1

Pool cafe Hart van Utrecht
“Perfect place for a cozy/gezellige and active night out with friends”

  • By Manouk + 1

“When I go out, I can always be found in Chupitos with my friends first, many shots later we often decide to stay there all night and have a nice dance.”

  • By Berne

Bar Lebowski
“I think that Lebowski is one of the “must” places for students since it has a great atmosphere and organizes many events, e.g pub-quiz.”

  • By Berne + 2

Canal Oudegracht
“I love coming here with my friends sometimes, just to sit by the canal and enjoy the view.”

  • By Natalia + 1

Café Madame Jeanette
“I think that there is always a nice atmosphere here: the ideal place to have a chat with your fellow students in between courses.”

  • By Stephan

Anan Saigon Streetfood
“Anan offers delightful and tasty food, together with a friendly atmosphere to spend some quality time with friends.”

  • By Annaflavia

Karibu Café
“It's an excellent location both for studying and spending time & chilling with friends. Plus, as the Karibu keeps reminding, the food is "110% natural". My personal favorite is shakshuka.”

  • By Mariam + 1
Green Oasis

Mick O'Connells
“If you want to grab a few beers with your friends and/or watch some football, Mick O'Connells is the place to go!”

  • By Alptug + 1

Coffeebar Jazzmans Minneartbuilding
“The café is located in the Minnaert building and looks out over the botanical gardens. In spring, you can sit here in the sun on the terrace after or between your classes.”

  • By Naoual

De Neude square
“Square De Neude is a meeting place for me and my friends, as it is located in the city centre.”

  • By Berne + 4
Many cafés

Feestcafé De Vrienden
“Maybe this is strange coming from a Med student, but life is more than studying. Sometimes your prefrontal cortex also deserves a night off. De Vrienden is perfect for that!”

  • By Jamal + 1
Bar dancing