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City Centre Areas

The old town is the place to go out and do some shopping. You'll find there also two faculties.

City Centre
The old town is the place to go out and do some shopping. You'll find there also two faculties. VIEW ALL

Music complex Tivoli Vredenburg
“The concert of British singer Jess Glynne was a very nice experience that will stay with me forever!”

  • By Stephan + 2
Live music

Kafé België
“Can't choose from the large amount of beers on the menu? Be sure to ask for a recommendation from the staff behind the bar!”

  • By Mik

University Museum Utrecht
“The museum encourages public active participation and focuses on science education, which I think is very interesting.”

  • By Tú + 2

Cafe de Beuntjes
“They are making pretty nice craft beer by their own. I would highly recommend that! Also the location is close by the University Library City Centre and it is generally cosy place for hanging out!”

  • By Derin

Law Faculty Building
“Nice pub on De Neude, always nice for a drink.”

  • By Kees
Law Econ Gov

Café de Poort
“Ever since I started my bachelor's degree, Public Administration and Organizational Science and café De Poort have been inextricably linked. Between lectures I like to drink a cup of coffee with friends on the sun-drenched terrace on the Ledig Erf. At the end of a long day of lectures and tutorials, this is also the perfect place to have a drink or eat well.”

  • By Mik

“I always have a great time here with the staff and enjoy the music to the fullest. Moreover, the records that are being played at that moment are on the counter.”

  • By Milan

Municipal Theatre (Stadsschouwburg)
“Although I don’t go to theatrical performances that often, I really like the vibe of this building.”

  • By Milan + 2

Theater Kikker
“I have admired a performance by HKU students, “Spread The Sadness”, here and thoroughly enjoyed the overall experience.”

  • By Milan

Green Up
“This store is an oasis in the city and I like to come here for a drink or to find a nice gift”

  • By Sanne

De Ontdekking
“When I moved to Utrecht a year and a half ago, I immediately started looking for nice coffee shops. Although places like Onz and Gys were well received, De Ontdekking takes the cake as far as I'm concerned”

  • By Milan

Kinepolis Jaarbeurs
“As a cinephile, I could not ignore this location! You could watch different films from Hollywood auteurs (not Marvel and Spiderman) to European directors in this awesome place! ”

  • By Derin

The AKT Office
“The AKT office feels like my second living room where I can always go and have a chat with my fellow students.”

  • By Berne + 1

“The museum is not only exhibiting the individual photographs but tell stories through them using documentary photography! What I like about this museum is, it has so much connection about film and virtual reality! ”

  • By Derin

“As a student at the Faculty of Humanities, you can regularly find me in the SVO bar. It is a nice place to study and in the evening when the bar opens for activities, it turns into a cozy meeting place.”

  • By Berne

Louis Hartlooper Complex
“As a cinephile, I could not ignore this location! You could watch different works from Hollywood auteurs (not Marvel and Spiderman) to European Art House films in this awesome place! ”

  • By Derin + 2
Art house

Gift shop Waar Utrecht
“WAAR offers multiple sustainable alternatives, that are otherwise hard to find in typical shops and supermarkets”

  • By Annaflavia

Historical square Janskerkhof
“Janskerhof is one of my favorite places in Utrecht, not only is the Utrecht city centre university very close to Janskerkhof, but every Saturday they have a flower market here, which I love!”

  • By Kimberly + 1

Shop Zuivelhoeve Utrecht
“Personally, I love eating cheese! If I pass through that street I definitely buy some from that shop and always trying different types.”

  • By Evanthia
Typical Dutch

Restaurant Vapiano
“You can come here for a tasty pizza, pasta or salad after shopping or studying. Tip: in spring you can also dine on the roof terrace!”

  • By Naoual + 1

Drift 23
“A characteristic building with a lot of secret places.”

  • By Berne

Pool cafe Hart van Utrecht
“If you want some good nachos and pitchers of beers to share with your friends over a game of pool, this is the place to go. Plus, it’s a great way to prove to your friends how good you are at pool, especially if they did not believe you at first”

  • By Berne + 1

Canoe rental Utrecht
“I especially enjoy canoeing on the Oudegracht where happy people are chilling out along the canals.”

  • By Berne + 1

Board games shop Subcultures
“There are so many amazingly designed board games out there, and it's delightful to walk in a place like Subcultures and be completely surrounded by them.”

  • By Mike

“When I go out, I can always be found in Chupitos with my friends first, many shots later we often decide to stay there all night and have a nice dance.”

  • By Berne

“Tip, instead of a normal pizza, go for the unique pizza breads.”

  • By Mik

Liquor store Wine & Whisky
“To get through the pandemic, I am expanding my wine knowledge. The occasional delicious wine tasting is a wonderful way to spend one's free time.”

  • By Kees

“The 'city petting zoo' in the Grift park is very nice to visit!”

  • By Vera + 1

University Library City Centre
“Persoonlijk vind ik deze bibliotheek veel huiselijker dan de universiteitsbibliotheek in het Utrecht Science Park. De inrichting van deze bibliotheek geeft mij rust.”

  • By Jamal + 2

Bar Lebowski
“I think that Lebowski is one of the “must” places for students since it has a great atmosphere and organizes many events, e.g pub-quiz.”

  • By Berne + 2

Canal Oudegracht
“I love coming here with my friends sometimes, just to sit by the canal and enjoy the view.”

  • By Natalia + 1

“I have a very sweet dog who I love to walk and play with. When we go to the Wilhelmina Park together, she is as happy as a pup and runs/swims after everything.”

  • By Kees + 2

University Hall
“This is the heart of all academic ceremonies. Not only it is architecturally pleasing but also it has witnessed a key event in Dutch history. It is where the Union of Utrecht had been signed, which ultimately led to the formation of the Dutch Republic!”

  • By Alptug + 5

Park Lepelenburg
“If you are looking for a location somewhere easy to access from Utrecht Centraal and also having some supermarket options, that is your destination. It is not the biggest park in Utrecht but one of my favorite so far!”

  • By Derin

Anan Saigon Streetfood
“Anan offers delightful and tasty food, together with a friendly atmosphere to spend some quality time with friends.”

  • By Annaflavia

Gamestate Arcade games
“The range of games is very large and it is a fantastic feeling when you have won a lot of pink cards after a game!”

  • By Berne + 1
Arcade games

Plant store Rood en Bloem
“Big collection of plants and great, friendly service”

  • By Manouk

Studio M
“If you ever want to work out a project but just don't have the right material or knowledge/experience, the members of Studio M are always eager to lend you a hand.”

  • By Milan + 1

The Railway Museum
“I came here regularly as a little girl with my grandfather and grandmother and I can still be amazed by all the trains.”

  • By Berne

“Although I first ridiculed a friend of mine for her amount of plants, I now have eleven in my room…”

  • By Milan

Japanese dining Kounosuke
“If you crave for authentic Japanese dishes, especially don dining, you should give this place a try :) They also have vegan option so it's a big plus.”

  • By Tú

Centraal Museum
“Lovely place to admire art for a few hours and then finish with a drink in the cafe”

  • By Manouk
Courtyard garden

Mick O'Connells
“If you want to grab a few beers with your friends and/or watch some football, Mick O'Connells is the place to go!”

  • By Alptug + 1

PIL Social Committee
“I especially liked coming up with new ideas to improve the situation of students in those challenging "corona" times. One of the activities organized by me was the Zumba Party to push away negativity and burn some extra calories.”

  • By Mariam
Law Econ Gov

Bookstore Bijleveld
“It has a great atmosphere which makes me feel very comfortable. I usually spent a lot of time there trying to decide what my next book will be!”

  • By Evanthia

“As I write this, I am sitting in Gys drinking coffee. Gys is therefore very suitable to work on school or something else.”

  • By Milan

De Neude square
“Square De Neude is a meeting place for me and my friends, as it is located in the city centre.”

  • By Evanthia + 4
Many cafés

Shopping centre Hoog Catharijne
“Ever since I was young, every time I visit the city centre, I always make a tour through the mediamarkt. Window shopping, I can enjoy that.”

  • By Jamal + 3

Coffeebar Anne & Max
“Whenever I want to catch up with a friend, I go to Anne&Max. The coffee is really good and they recently opened a beautiful outdoor patio where you can sit. It really feels like being in a hidden gem in Utrecht. That little square is a real must!”

  • By Natasha + 1

Feestcafé De Vrienden
“Maybe this is strange coming from a Med student, but life is more than studying. Sometimes your prefrontal cortex also deserves a night off. De Vrienden is perfect for that!”

  • By Jamal + 1
Bar dancing