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Utrecht has a diversity of parks in and around the city.

Utrecht has a diversity of parks in and around the city. VIEW ALL

“I have a very sweet dog who I love to walk and play with. When we go to the Wilhelmina Park together, she is as happy as a pup and runs/swims after everything.”

  • By Kees + 2

Juliana Park
“Visiting this park is the best way to reconnect with nature and boost your well-being by surrounding yourself with animals like chickens, sheep, and ducks.”

  • By Studentlife Team + 1

Maxima Park
“Located in Leidsche Rijn district, the Maximapark belongs to one of the most beloved parks in the Netherlands.”

  • By Studentlife Team + 1

“Griftpark has so much to offer, from a basketball court to skate park and a “city petting zoo”!”

  • By Studentlife Team + 1

Park Bloeyendael
“Not many people know about this hidden gem. If you enjoy running in the nature, you should definitely visit Park Bloeyen.”

  • By Studentlife Team

The munt
“Ever since I was a kid, I've been coming to La Monnaie in the summer. You're just outside the center, but right in the hustle and bustle. Swimming, relaxing, skating: everything is possible ”

  • By Maya

Park Het Gagelbos
“During all the lockdowns I could be found here a lot to rollerblade or walk. Nice and close to home, but not in the city.”

  • By Sanne

Botanical Gardens
“Whenever I am here, I feel a sense of peace. Seeing all the colorful flowers, streams, and bright green trees reminds me of how complex and beautiful our Earth is.”

  • By Annaflavia + 3
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Park Lepelenburg
“If you are looking for a location somewhere easy to access from Utrecht Centraal and also having some supermarket options, that is your destination. It is not the biggest park in Utrecht but one of my favorite so far!”

  • By Derin