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Utrecht has a diversity of parks in and around the city.

Utrecht has a diversity of parks in and around the city. VIEW ALL

Park Het Gagelbos
“During all the lockdowns I could be found here a lot to rollerblade or walk. Nice and close to home, but not in the city.”

  • By Sanne

Botanical Gardens
“My personal favourite is the butterfly house, also, entry is free for university students : ) ”

  • By Natalia + 3
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Maxima Park
“Máximapark is where the green meets the modern. It is a lovely place to go for a walk and let go of the daily stressors.”

  • By Berne + 1

Park Lepelenburg
“If you are looking for a location somewhere easy to access from Utrecht Centraal and also having some supermarket options, that is your destination. It is not the biggest park in Utrecht but one of my favorite so far!”

  • By Derin

Juliana Park
“I can't believe I only went here recently. This is such a nice place to visit if you want to see some animals, but don't feel like paying money or traveling to another city. It's also a great place to drop by if they ran out of chicken at your supermarket :)”

  • By Mike + 1

“I love this location, because people always walk their dogs here so you are bound to see a fluffy dog walking around.”

  • By Kimberly + 1

“Wilhelminapark is a great place for picnics in the summer and for walks in the autumn. There is a very nice atmosphere and enough space for everyone. Near the park, you can get a delicious ice cream at ice cream parlour Vorst.”

  • By Natasha + 2

Park Bloeyendael
“I find it a very nice place for walking and playing my ukulele. The park is right next to my house and I can get there easily. From this park, you can go in many directions and if you do it right, you'll find yourself in the centre of Utrecht!”

  • By Natasha