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Science Park Areas

Our students will tell you what to do at the Science Park; the centre of the university.

Science Park
Our students will tell you what to do at the Science Park; the centre of the university. VIEW ALL

UU Career Services
“Career services have helped many students arranging their internships and improving their job applications.”

  • By Studentlife Team + 1

Unibuddy Chat Platform
“I am a Unibuddy myself and I enjoy giving advice on my studies and having a friendly chat.”

  • By Stephan + 1

Langeveld building
“A lot of students feel sentimental about this building, since this is where a lot of their courses took place. Also, if you enjoy studying in the fresh air, you should definitely look for a spot in front of Langeveldgebouw.”

  • By Studentlife Team
Social Sciences

Utrecht Biologist Association
“There is always a friendly atmosphere in the UBV room (Koningsberger building). Students come here for a free coffee and board games.”

  • By Studentlife Team

U.S.S. Proton
“This study association is known for its variety of committees and frequent activities like borrels, parties, and trips.”

  • By Studentlife Team

Leonard S. Ornstein Laboratory
“The Ornstein Laboratory is known for its good atmosphere and exciting research taking place behind its walls.”

  • By Studentlife Team

University Library Science Park
“The library is one of my favorite places to be at the campus, especially when on an exam period. I really enjoy the silence it offers. ”

  • By Sanne + 2

UU for U Student Service
“In case you had any study related questions, student services are always here to assist you!”

  • By Studentlife Team + 1

Ruppert building
“Since its connected to Educatorium, you can have a delicious lunch after your lectures.”

  • By Studentlife Team + 2

Botanical Gardens
“Whenever I am here, I feel a sense of peace. Seeing all the colorful flowers, streams, and bright green trees reminds me of how complex and beautiful our Earth is.”

  • By Annaflavia + 3
Date idea

Androclus building
“Every time I come here, I always marvel. There is so much to see and learn here!”

  • By Stephan
Veterinary & Science

Café Madame Jeanette
“I think that there is always a nice atmosphere here: the ideal place to have a chat with your fellow students in between courses.”

  • By Stephan

Koningsberger building
“Being home to three faculties, Koningsbergergebouw offers a lot of study spaces, including rooms for group work.”

  • By Studentlife Team
Geosciences & Science

Hijmans building
“With online lectures, the days when we have physical classes always feel like the school field trips of the yore.”

  • By Jamal

Sports centre Olympos
“Throughout September you can purchase an amazing student deal which is way cheaper than the standard fee. ”

  • By Wiktoria

David de Wied building
“This faculty building is worth visiting due to its spacious and creative interior, with large windows and internal balconies.”

  • By Studentlife Team

Buys Ballot building
“Despite being one of the oldest buildings in science park, students really enjoy studying here and working on group assignments.”

  • By Studentlife Team

Coffeebar Jazzmans Minneartbuilding
“The cafe located in Minnaert building offers a beautiful view over the botanical gardens. In spring, it is great spot to rest in between your classes and enjoy the sun.”

  • By Studentlife Team

Foodtruck Broodje Ben
“During my breaks I like to get a delicious lunch at Broodje Ben together with a few fellow students. These sandwiches are highly recommended! ”

  • By Stephan + 2
Food truck