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Science Park Areas

Our students will tell you what to do at the Science Park; the centre of the university.

Science Park
Our students will tell you what to do at the Science Park; the centre of the university. VIEW ALL

Unibuddy Chat Platform
“As a unibuddy myself I love answering all student-relating questions and getting to know prospective students.”

  • By Manouk + 1

Langeveld building
“It is one of the first buildings that I visited at Utrecht University. The majority of my courses take place in this building.”

  • By Evanthia + 1
Social Sciences

Utrecht Biologist Association
“Since I was a bachelor student I have been a member of this very big group of friends. You can always get a free coffee in the UBV room (KBG building), play board games and hang out with fellow students.”

  • By Vera

Leonard S. Ornstein Laboratory
“What I like about the laboratory is the good atmosphere, and the interesting research that is performed there.”

  • By Mike

U.S.S. Proton
“Like most chemistry students, I joined Proton immediately at the start of the Bachelor. During my studies I have joined 4 different committees and helped organize many activities, both recreational and educational. I have also enjoyed many activities organized by other committees, like borrels, parties, and trips/camps.”

  • By Mike

University Library Science Park
“The library is one of my favorite places to be at the campus, especially when on an exam period. I really enjoy the silence it offers. ”

  • By Sanne + 2

UU for U Student Service
“Great help for all your study related questions!”

  • By Manouk + 1

Ruppert building
“It has a nice studying area and a big lecture hall.”

  • By Manouk + 2

Botanical Gardens
“Whenever I am here, I feel a sense of peace. Seeing all the colorful flowers, streams, and bright green trees reminds me of how complex and beautiful our Earth is.”

  • By Annaflavia + 3
Date idea

UU Career Services
“They have really helped me upgrade my job/internship application and gave great interview tips.”

  • By Mik + 1

Androclus building
“Every time I come here, I always marvel. There is so much to see and learn here!”

  • By Stephan
Veterinary & Science

Café Madame Jeanette
“I think that there is always a nice atmosphere here: the ideal place to have a chat with your fellow students in between courses.”

  • By Stephan

Koningsberger building
“I spent many hours here in the beautiful labs and meeting friends at my study association”

  • By Mike + 1
Geosciences & Science

Hijmans building
“With online lectures, the days when we have physical classes always feel like the school field trips of the yore.”

  • By Jamal

David de Wied building
“I used to come her daily during my Bachelor thesis. Up on the 4th floor I would tiny catalyst particles made of silver. The building has a very open feel due to its large glass windows, and internal balconies from which you can observe each individual floors.”

  • By Mike

Buys Ballot building
“Despite being one of the oldest buildings in the Science Park, Buys Ballotgebouw has a special place in my heart. I had almost all my lectures in this building which left me with lots of memories.”

  • By Alptug + 1

Coffeebar Jazzmans Minneartbuilding
“The café is located in the Minnaert building and looks out over the botanical gardens. In spring, you can sit here in the sun on the terrace after or between your classes.”

  • By Naoual

Foodtruck Broodje Ben
“During my breaks I like to get a delicious lunch at Broodje Ben together with a few fellow students. These sandwiches are highly recommended! ”

  • By Stephan + 2
Food truck