Discover student life and the city of Utrecht

Laura ’s favourites

Teds Utrecht Oudegracht
A delightful place for lunch or to enjoy a cozy high tea with friends. Make a reservation by the canal in advance!

Kruideniers Museum
Super fun and idyllic museum, it truly takes you back in time. And as a bonus, it's free to enter.

Sports centre Olympos
I don't personally engage in sports, but I do visit Olympos for the sports bar to enjoy affordable beer with friends.

University Library Science Park
During the exam period, I always spend the entire days in the library; it's the ideal environment for studying with focus.

Board games shop Subcultures
In addition to the extensive range of games and the expertise of the staff, they also have a fun escape room.

The ideal place to have a BBQ with your friends in Utrecht, and you certainly won't be the only one!

Botanical Gardens
You can truly relax in the botanical gardens. It comes highly recommended whether you take a short stroll or stay there for hours.

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