Discover student life and the city of Utrecht

Manu ’s favourites

University Library City Centre
Though it’s always busy, the study spots are great. The café downstairs is nice, and I like to take study breaks in the courtyard when the sun is out.

Boulderhal Sterk
A nice climbing hall, affordable and they also have lessons. I really like how late they are open: usually till midnight.

Fortress bij Rijnauwen
The fort itself is really nice, and I also like the woods around it. There are often playful sheep around the fort!

Janskerkhof 3 Studyplace
The law faculty building’s reading room are where I am most productive, and the coffee machine in the kiosk is actually really good!

Bar Lebowski
Great ambience and great vibes. They also have really nice events every so often, so keep an eye out for that.


t Oude Pothuys
A beautiful venue with great live music. They have many different types of music, so there’s something for everyone.