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Oudegracht Areas

Best suggestions from our students on perhaps the most beautiful canal in the Netherlands.

Best suggestions from our students on perhaps the most beautiful canal in the Netherlands. VIEW ALL

Tunnel under the Ganzenmarkt
“In the evening, the Ganzenmarkt Tunnel makes for a great location for some pictures.”

  • By Natalia + 1

Restaurant UNO
“This restaurant offers many different snacks. A very nice place to go out for dinner!”

  • By Berne + 1

Dille & Kamille
“This is the perfect shop to buy presents for others and yourself. From food, kitchen wear and towels, to childrens toys, books and plants. They sell only natural and plastic-free items which I find very important.”

  • By Vera + 1

Café restaurant Winkel van Sinkel
“This is one of those places that feel so vibrant and alive.”

  • By Kimberly + 1

Restaurant Rum Club
“Rumclub is known for its cocktails and their tapa like dishes, a bit pricey, however it is a very nice place to go once in a while”

  • By Kimberly + 1

Broodje Carlo
“Their sandwich bread is awesome!”

  • By Derin

Canoe rental Utrecht
“I especially enjoy canoeing on the Oudegracht where happy people are chilling out along the canals.”

  • By Mariam + 1

Board games shop Subcultures
“There are so many amazingly designed board games out there, and it's delightful to walk in a place like Subcultures and be completely surrounded by them.”

  • By Mike

Vintage store Episode
“I can spend hours upon hours in this thrift shop and I always find something nice.”

  • By Kimberly + 1
Vintage clothing

Canal Oudegracht
“I love coming here with my friends sometimes, just to sit by the canal and enjoy the view.”

  • By Natalia + 1

Greek restaurant Taverna
“I always like to come here for dinner with friends to chat and enjoy the food and the Greek atmosphere.”

  • By Stephan

Book shop Broese
“The extensive collection of original books ensures that it is always hard not to come out with one or more!”

  • By Stephan + 1

Foodtruck Broodje Ben
“In my opinion, the best sandwiches in Utrecht! Whether I'm shopping or studying hard at the campus, I can't resist a Broodje Ben for lunch very often. Because of the large selection, you can always choose a different sandwich and they are all equally delicious!”

  • By Vera + 2
Food truck

Cinema Pathé Rembrandt
“If you like to go to the cinema, you can go to the Pathé in Utrecht, among other places.”

  • By Naoual + 2