Discover student life and the city of Utrecht

Lobke’s favourites

Ping pong club
As far as I'm concerned, Ping Pong is also a sport. It can get quite competitive. The Ping Pong Club is super fun to go to with friends and have a great time hitting the ball with a paddle.

Parnassos Cultural Center
This is where I always rehearse for theater. After these rehearsals, we often end up at the Parnassos Bar, a cozy café with a piano. Before joining Stuk, I frequently took courses or workshops at Parnassos. There's a wide variety available. Check it out 😊.

NODA Eetbar & Deli
This is one of my favorite spots. It is the coffee shop of the city library and is a bit of a hidden gem, as you can enter it taking the elevator located at Oude Gracht, next to Broese. Inside, it is always bright due to the large windows. With its cozy and relaxing atmosphere, it is a great place for working and studying.

This is the ultimate store for everyone who loves spiritual matters, but actually also for everyone who doesn't. There is always so much to see, hear, and smell (lots of different types of incense). I always find great gifts here; lucky charms are my favorite.

University Library City Centre
I've had quite a few meetings, study sessions, and all-nighters here. I find the University Library to be a great place to truly focus. Additionally, it's such a beautiful building!

Sjoerd Groenman building
This is where my student association's room is located, and I often have classes here. I also particularly like the study area here.

Park Oog in Al
This is a beautiful park in Lombok. I lived nearby and took many walks here during the pandemic. It is a place for all animal lovers, as there is a deer enclosure in the middle of the park with various animals. Additionally, the park is also home to Landhuis in de Stad, a place for great coffee and pastries.