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“You don’t need to call yourself a theatre fan to enjoy the events at Stadsschowburg. It has everything from dance, comedy to opera!”

Studentlife Team

“Although I don’t go to theatrical performances that often, I really like the vibe of this building.”


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Music complex Tivoli Vredenburg
Tivoli is a hotspot for students and music lovers who meet there for concerts and events of any kind.

Live music

Theater Kikker
For those who appreciate small-scale theatre

Restaurant Vapiano
Not just a nice restaurant, but also a great place to study!

Cinema Pathé Rembrandt
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Mick O'Connells
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De Neude square
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Many cafés

Pool cafe Hart van Utrecht
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Japanese dining Kounosuke
An authentic Japanse restaurant

Louis Hartlooper Complex
Former police station, now one of the coolest movie theatres in the city!

Art house

Shopping centre Hoog Catharijne
The one-stop shop for everything you need in life.