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“Tivoli not only hosts amazing concerts. It’s also a great place to go out dancing with your friends.”

Studentlife Team

“The concert of British singer Jess Glynne was a very nice experience that will stay with me forever!”


“Tivoli has many restaurants and café’s that you can stay in for the entire day and study or hang out with your friends. It hosts a lot of concerts and events as well that are fantastic”


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De Neude square
Perfect place to have a drink, paced with bars and restaurants

Many cafés

Municipal Theatre (Stadsschouwburg)
This theatre building and its fun architecture is a cultural hot spot for students and teachers alike.

Café restaurant Winkel van Sinkel
This is one of those places that feel so vibrant and alive.

This park is a few minutes away from the the City Center University library and is a popular meeting spots for students.

Castle De Haar
Although the castle is the largest one in the Netherlands, there are not a lot of tourists/visitors around. If you have a museum card, you don't need to pay for entrance fee

Cinema Pathé Leidsche Rijn
This cinema has 7 screens and is located on the roof of the Leidsche Rijntunnel on the A2 high way

Rooftop cinema

Canoe rental Utrecht
Reserve a canoe in the center of Utrecht. Discover Utrecht from the canals, the ideal day out for everyone.

Louis Hartlooper Complex
Former police station, now one of the coolest movie theatres in the city!

Art house

University Hall
The most iconic UU building in the city centre

Cinema Pathé Rembrandt
Cinema on the Oudegracht in the centre of Utrecht.

Restaurant Vapiano
Not just a nice restaurant, but also a great place to study!

Historical square Janskerkhof
Janskerkhof and the streets surrounding it represent the historical beauty of the city of Utrecht in close proximity to the City center library of the UU.