Discover student life and the city of Utrecht

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“They say struggling with other people is better than struggling alone so I come to the library to remind myself that it is not just me. It is everyone and if they can do it, I can also do it.”


“Despite always being full of students, this library is the only place I can be productive in peace and quiet. Book a seat in advance!”


“I really enjoy attending lectures here, and in the room of my study association, I can relax and hang out with my fellow students.”


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University Library Science Park
The University Library is no longer only a building full of books, but also a centre where people meet and exchange knowledge.

Canoe rental Utrecht
Reserve a canoe in the center of Utrecht. Discover Utrecht from the canals, the ideal day out for everyone.

University Hall
The most iconic UU building in the city centre

Bar Lebowski
Lebowski is one of the “must” places for students due to its funky atmosphere and its frequent events like pub-quiz nights.


Shopping centre Hoog Catharijne
The one-stop shop for everything you need in life.

Koningsberger building
A wonderful place to study - alone or together.

Music complex Tivoli Vredenburg
Tivoli is a hotspot for students and music lovers who meet there for concerts and events of any kind.

Live music

Janskerkhof 3 Studyplace
Hidden study spot in one of the faculty buildings

This park is a few minutes away from the the City Center University library and is a popular meeting spots for students.

It's a Present!
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Nature Reserve Amelisweerd
Tip! Explore Amelisweerd with a canoe!

Louis Hartlooper Complex
Former police station, now one of the coolest movie theatres in the city!

Art house