Discover student life and the city of Utrecht

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“It’s not possible to leave this place without buying a plant!”

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Shopping centre Hoog Catharijne
The one-stop shop for everything you need in life.

Bookstore Bijleveld
This monumental book store in the heart of the city provides beautiful books not only for Dutch but also international students.

Dille & Kamille
Nice store with sustainable products, perfect for gifts!

Ohøj coffee roasting
This cozy cafe provides great coffee, the barista is always dancing and is always in a good mood, so it is the ideal study break location!

Tea room Rhijnauwen
Theehuis Rhijnauwen is a household name in Utrecht and undoubtedly the best place to eat pancakes.

Canal Oudegracht
Located in the heart of the city, passing by the canal is a daily activity for most Utrechters.

Book shop Broese
One of the biggest bookstores in Utrecht

Park Bloeyendael
Park Bloeyendael is Utrecht's best kept secret!

Board games shop Subcultures
One of the board game shops of Utrecht

Plant store Rood en Bloem
A cute little shop full of plants and everything you would need to take care of them

Shop Zuivelhoeve Utrecht
Zuivelhoeve is a famous shop selling mainly Dutch traditional cheese.

Typical Dutch

Maxima Park
Máximapark is about the same size as Central Park in New York!