Discover student life and the city of Utrecht

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“For cycling fans - there is a biking path leading to the castle, which is surrounded by beautiful farmhouses and fruit gardens. In the summer you can buy there fresh fruits.”

Studentlife Team

“This castle is quite an experience, you will step back in time.”


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Canoe rental Utrecht
Reserve a canoe in the center of Utrecht. Discover Utrecht from the canals, the ideal day out for everyone.

University Museum Utrecht
The place in the city where science and culture meet

Maxima Park
Máximapark is about the same size as Central Park in New York!

Beach Oog in Al (SOIA)
Unique place in Utrecht, a beach surrounded by water with a beautiful view.

Urban beach

Pool cafe Hart van Utrecht
A cozy cafe where you can play pool with your friends, in the middle of the city centre.

University Hall
The most iconic UU building in the city centre

Cinema Pathé Rembrandt
Cinema on the Oudegracht in the centre of Utrecht.

This park is a few minutes away from the the City Center University library and is a popular meeting spots for students.

Boulder hall Energiehaven
The boulder hall of Utrecht!

Fortress bij Rijnauwen
Together with Amelisweerd, this is Utrecht's most popular outdoor area.

Cinema Pathé Leidsche Rijn
This cinema has 7 screens and is located on the roof of the Leidsche Rijntunnel on the A2 high way

Rooftop cinema

Juliana Park
Park, playground and zoo all in one!