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“For all cinemaholics out there, you should definitely check out Pathé membership! It gives you unlimited access to regular screenings for 21 EUR per month”

Studentlife Team

“I always like going here with some friends to see a good action movie. Especially the films in 4DX are highly recommended!”


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Cinema Pathé Rembrandt
Cinema on the Oudegracht in the centre of Utrecht.

Castle De Haar
Although the castle is the largest one in the Netherlands, there are not a lot of tourists/visitors around. If you have a museum card, you don't need to pay for entrance fee

Ohøj coffee roasting
This cozy cafe provides great coffee, the barista is always dancing and is always in a good mood, so it is the ideal study break location!

Pool cafe Hart van Utrecht
A cozy cafe where you can play pool with your friends, in the middle of the city centre.

Municipal Theatre (Stadsschouwburg)
This theatre building and its fun architecture is a cultural hot spot for students and teachers alike.

Boulder hall Energiehaven
The boulder hall of Utrecht!

Fortress bij Rijnauwen
Together with Amelisweerd, this is Utrecht's most popular outdoor area.

Music complex Tivoli Vredenburg
Tivoli is a hotspot for students and music lovers who meet there for concerts and events of any kind.

Live music

Louis Hartlooper Complex
Former police station, now one of the coolest movie theatres in the city!

Art house

Centraal Museum
A little piece of culture in the centre of Utrecht. They have different kind of expositions, from both old and modern art.

Courtyard garden

Tea room Rhijnauwen
Theehuis Rhijnauwen is a household name in Utrecht and undoubtedly the best place to eat pancakes.

Park Bloeyendael
Park Bloeyendael is Utrecht's best kept secret!