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“The library is one of my favorite places to be at the campus, especially when on an exam period. I really enjoy the silence it offers.”


“Don’t forget to book your seat during the exam period! Science Park library is students’ favorite place to study so make sure to save your spot.”

Studentlife Team

“I will forever remember all the “all-nighters” that I’ve pulled in the Science Park Library. It’s my go-to during all the exam weeks.”


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Utrecht Biologist Association
The study association for everyone that studies Biology!

Unibuddy Chat Platform
As prospective students you can ask all kind of questions about your study via a chat app with real UU students.

Buys Ballot building
As Geo or Science student you will have your classes here

U.S.S. Proton
The study association for everyone that studies Chemistry!

David de Wied building
As a Science student you will come to this building a lot!

UU for U Student Service
The student desk for all students, come here for your questions on tuition fee, housing, university psychologists and much more.

University Library City Centre
The white furnishings and natural light make this a perfect place to concentrate.

Leonard S. Ornstein Laboratory
One of the laboratories of the Science Park

Koningsberger building
A wonderful place to study - alone or together.

UU Career Services
For all your questions on career related topics, from CV checks to personal coaching sessions for job interviews.

Langeveld building
This university building dedicated to the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences.

Ruppert building
As Geo student you will have most of your classes here. It's also close to the Educatorium where you grab a coffee or lunch.