Discover student life and the city of Utrecht

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“It's cool that your're so in the middle of the Botanical Gardens”


“Whenever I am here, I feel a sense of peace. Seeing all the colorful flowers, streams, and bright green trees reminds me of how complex and beautiful our Earth is.”


“Hard to believe that such a place is right in the university! It's a perfect spot to go for a walk or chill with classmates, especially during the summer. Plus, it has the butterfly room.”


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Teds Utrecht Oudegracht
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Foodtruck Broodje Ben
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This park is a few minutes away from the the City Center University library and is a popular meeting spots for students.

Ruppert building
As a student you will have most of your classes here. It's also close to the Educatorium where you grab a coffee or lunch.

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Canoe rental Utrecht
Reserve a canoe in the center of Utrecht. Discover Utrecht from the canals, the ideal day out for everyone.

Park Het Gagelbos
Discover the nature outside Utrecht

University Library Science Park
The University Library is no longer only a building full of books, but also a centre where people meet and exchange knowledge.

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Nature Reserve Amelisweerd
Tip! Explore Amelisweerd with a canoe!