Discover student life and the city of Utrecht

Sanne’s favourites

Green Up
This store is an oasis in the city and I like to come here for a drink or to find a nice gift

Park Het Gagelbos
During all the lockdowns I could be found here a lot to rollerblade or walk. Nice and close to home, but not in the city.

The association room of U.A.V
I come here between my lectures, for example to have a cup of coffee or to have a beer with my friends after 5 pm.

Botanical Gardens
It's cool that your're so in the middle of the Botanical Gardens

Date idea

University Library Science Park
The library is one of my favorite places to be at the campus, especially when on an exam period. I really enjoy the silence it offers.

Garden Center Steck
I like to come here to look for plants, but also to visit the garden cafe, Noordertuin.

Restaurant LE:EN
This is a wonderful restaurant to have dinner with friends and to taste all the snacks by sharing them. I can also recommend the cocktails!

Ruppert building
It has a nice studying area and a big lecture hall.