Discover student life and the city of Utrecht

Annaflavia’s favourites

Ruppert building
I frequently have classes in this building. It is wonderful to walk around its hall, especially because of the gigantic flower vases.

Botanical Gardens
Whenever I am here, I feel a sense of peace. Seeing all the colorful flowers, streams, and bright green trees reminds me of how complex and beautiful our Earth is.

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Nature Reserve Amelisweerd
After a long walk through Amelisweerd, I feel refreshed and re-energized. Being in the midst of such rich flora and fauna is a unique feeling.

Gamestate Arcade games
Gamestate Utrecht is a very dynamic place, where I enjoy going with friends to spend a different, entertaining evening.

Arcade games

Anan Saigon Streetfood
Anan offers delightful and tasty food, together with a friendly atmosphere to spend some quality time with friends.

Gift shop Waar Utrecht
WAAR offers multiple sustainable alternatives, that are otherwise hard to find in typical shops and supermarkets

Historical square Janskerkhof
For me, Janskerkhof and the streets surrounding it represent the historical beauty of the city of Utrecht.