Discover student life and the city of Utrecht

Kees’s favourites

College Hall
I attend my lectures in this beautiful building on the international campus. It is easy to reach by public transport. I always go by bike. From my house in the city centre, I can reach the campus within 10 minutes.

Soccer field International Campus
It is next to the Galgewaard (the FC Utrecht stadium), so you will not run short of motivation here.

Liquor store Wine & Whisky
To get through the pandemic, I am expanding my wine knowledge. The occasional delicious wine tasting is a wonderful way to spend one's free time.

I have a very sweet dog who I love to walk and play with. When we go to the Wilhelmina Park together, she is as happy as a pup and runs/swims after everything.

Law Faculty Building
Nice pub on De Neude, always nice for a drink.