Discover student life and the city of Utrecht

Valerie ’s favourites

University Library City Centre
All the buildings along Drift are very beautiful, and right in the heart of the city! The Drifttuin is my favorite place to relax between study sessions or classes.

It's a Present!
This is where I always come when I need a card because they have 2 entire walls filled with funny cards! There are also many other little things to discover!

Louis Hartlooper Complex
This cinema always gives me a warm feeling. It's so cozy! Grabbing a beer first and then watching a movie is fantastic here :)

Art house

Here, everything is possible: going out, having lunch, enjoying drinks, and having dinner! I find it a super cozy place where everyone can be themselves :)

Nature Reserve Amelisweerd
It's delightful to swim here in the summer! Besides, it's always nice to escape the city and take a walk to see adorable goats.

Boulderhal Sterk
Sterk is a cozy bouldering hall with many challenging routes!

Drift 25
I prefer studying at the tables on the first and second floors next to the restrooms, as it's more lively than the university library.