Discover student life and the city of Utrecht

Wiktoria’s favourites

I have a soft spot for this place since a lot of social events took place there during my first year of studying in Utrecht.

Coffee Company
Coffeecompany offers a great lunch deal - smoothie/coffee and toasties only for 8,40 Euro!

University Library Science Park
I will forever remember all the “all-nighters” that I’ve pulled in the Science Park Library. It’s my go-to during all the exam weeks.

Book shop Broese
I always spend hours in Broese, just walking and looking at books. As an international student, I appreciate the wide availability of English books.

Sports centre Olympos
Throughout September you can purchase an amazing student deal which is way cheaper than the standard fee.

Anan Saigon Streetfood
If you are there you must try the Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk.