Discover student life and the city of Utrecht

Jiani ’s favourites

Broadway American Steakhouse
It’s the first restaurant I visited when I arrived in the Netherlands. It has a great outdoor seating area with a view of the canal. It's the perfect place to enjoy some delicious ribs on a sunny day! The interior of the restaurant is just as impressive, and I actually ended up celebrating my birthday there with a friend.

University Library Science Park
The library at Science Park has a stylish design, featuring large windows and good lighting. In my opinion, the 6th floor is the best area to study due to its topmost location, which offers an amazing view. The library has individual study spaces, a separate room for groups, and easy access to printing facilities. Additionally, there are food trucks located downstairs. It is an ideal place to study!

Coffeebar Anne & Max
Anne&Max is a popular café in the city center, serving a delicious brunch. You need to try their croissant with scrambled eggs and salmon. It’s amazing!

We held our Welcome Week at this park, and there was plenty of space for a variety of outdoor activities. You can bring a blanket for a picnic, and there is also a beautiful view of the pond and trees, making it an exceptional place to enjoy a good time with friends in good weather! I met my classmates here, enjoyed some beer, and soaked up the sun on a lovely afternoon.