Discover student life and the city of Utrecht

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“In the evening, the Ganzenmarkt Tunnel makes for a great location for some pictures.”


“In the evening you will be amazed by this luminous tunnel, which is part of the various light objects in Utrecht.”


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University Hall
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Canoe rental Utrecht
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Restaurant UNO
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Castle De Haar
Although the castle is the largest one in the Netherlands, there are not a lot of tourists/visitors around. If you have a museum card, you don't need to pay for entrance fee

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The Railway Museum
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Drift 23
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Vintage store Episode
This is one of the most popular thrift shops in the city center, favorite of many students.

Vintage clothing

Canal Oudegracht
Located in the heart of the city, passing by the canal is a daily activity for most Utrechters.

University Museum Utrecht
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